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1. Bandolero Comanchero

Round 'n' round; That's people sound; (Choir) I wanna come into your city; Because I need to believe in your; Eyes, tonight; That's the people night; I'll meet you at midnight; we can leave it togethe...

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2. Bazooka Pistolero

Eh pisto... pisto... pisto... pisto... pistolero! Eh pisto... Pisto... pisto... pisto... pistolero! Pistolero! Pistolero! In the crazy night; I am ready to delight; Funny, money money money; Take me d...

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3. Caballero With Sombrero

I kiss you, I miss you; Because I run away; Like an emotion, wanna make it on my way; I need you, I feel you; Tonight I wanna shout; I am so funny, all the night I'm screaming loud; Without your money...

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4. Ganguro

My pretty girl you cannot stay; To work a lot and everyday; Be young and be so crazy; Wake up, enjoy and feel the sound; Makeup and go, your face is brown; You are OK, my babe; With the silver and the...

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