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1. Admit Defeat

I'm in this state of mind today, i hope you'll understand me; It doesn't matter what you say, cause i will never stay and see; The way it's supposed to be, i know i'm wrong; And i will always disagree...

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2. Angles

Life is all but fair; We get it all for free but we don't care; We share an unknown fate; You never know before it is too late; A lesson to be learned, today my perfect life is ordinary; But wait and ...

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3. Antifreeze

Just had a meltdown, didn't see it come; Lately you've experienced a mood that's upsidedown; Don't let it get you, you'll get out of shape; I hoped you knew by now that you can't deny escape; So come ...

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4. Be Real

To throw it away right, that's what you will do; Over the clear sight, you'll always be the third wheel; And a part of a big lie, you'll ask why; You're a part of the reason; You better believe this t...

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5. Cold Eyes

We had a good thing going, with all our dreams fullfilled we ruled; We owned the world that we were conquering; A team that no one could touch, a force that could have changed the scene; But something...

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6. Pick Your Poison

I was late again this morning, i felt sick; When you asked me about the night, well no; I was troubled and looked the other way; Your face was very white; This is all you'll ever get from me; Please u...

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7. Solitary

When you feel that you can't give more; When you've been down out on the floor; The reason you exist; Is all the things you've missed; With my own eyes i realise; That all that's good and sweet, it di...

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8. The Way I'm Going

Listen to me now, your world is gone never to be seen; Yeah the rumours got me up, I'm looking round, wonder where you've been; (Yeah, where you've been); This is the way it's gotta go; This is the wa...

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9. The World Just Stopped

In a world just stopped to spin; Why does life has such a thin; I can't believe you are not around here no more; And you left an empty ford; All our dreams were just destroyed; And now you're more tha...

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10. Waiting To Go Off

Recently I have been stuck inside, with a clouded mind; I'm not sure I even grasp a word you say, in this daily grind; Well this is who I am, this is all I will be; You better think again about me; Co...

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11. Your Complexion

Are you lost inside your mind? You're giving it up and hope you'll find; The reason why you're stuck inside; Wait a minute to close that door; I understand now, you fight this war; You've gotta leave ...

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