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1. All I Want

I left it in the water; I threw it in the lake; It's easy to please me; And fun to destroy me; Well, I hope this time you're not too late; You see me now; And every time we act sincere; It brings me c...

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2. Coller la petite

Hors-jeu music, yes Francko; Des tchakalaba bobe; (Mon ami je dis hein, tu ne danses pas?); (Oh comment je vais danser; Haka laisse nous ça; Mon ami je dis hein! Tu ne vois pas les filles? On t'invite...

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3. Eye Of The Storm

Take me to your foreign land; I want to dig for gold; Buried in the sand; We'd be rich but blind; The perils impending; As we are attempting; To fight the storms at sea; All hands on deck; Cause I've ...

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4. Run

Look out; Look out he’s leaving; Without a trace; I can swear the wall surrounding us are breathing; How could this be; There’s no solution; Only confusion; What’s the price to pay for cheap illusions...

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5. Turn Around

Here we go again; Here we go; We're on the road again, rode again; I'll see you at the end; The Sheriff's lying down; By his desk; Oh, was he shot? It was just a thought; It's easy to pretend for now;...

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