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1. Alchemy

\"Alchemy\" -- Amanda; Take all the stars. Take the elements of suns and moons; Drawn in chalk to pursue; Perfect alchemy. The fire consumes; Impurity. Something ordinary can acquire; Unpredicted beau...

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2. Breathe

\"Breathe\"; Asphyxiation; Their hands on your throat. Choking your thoughts, Killing your brain, Deleting your conscience. ; They only want your death; The death of your mind. Shoving their theories,...

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3. Curtain Falls

Curtain Falls; Burnished eyes faint with sorrow, Fading and losing their glow. These sad afflictions steal her beauty. ; Hiding pain that she hid too well, Unmentioned with no one to tell. Internal to...

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4. Promises

Promises; Looking in your eyes as I'm lying here with you. You promise me the things that you swear to me are true. I listened intently to the words that you'd recite. You said that you'd be there for...

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5. With Gravity

I; I feel so sick; And I can see; That they; Are watching; From; The cliffs above; As I fall; It seems; Forever; The lifted weight; Above me; It pushes me down; Faster, faster; I don't even know; If I...

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