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1. Blackout

Let's take it back; Back to reality, the real world; Oh, you, you, you and me together; Not wondering why; Let's take it back; Back to the place I wanted; Back when all we did felt it; Oh back when we...

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2. Chaos

Chaos is a color I wear well; and it looks mighty good on you; Yeah I've got it bad for you can tell; the way you talk the way you move; Boundaries fade, the lines get blurred; but the past it lives i...

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3. Gold

Money is a friend I trusted I don't know why; You've never been too good to me; When you come around round round round; Shifting eyes I fell all tight with your crooked smile; Haunting me I can't deny...

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4. Home Alone

I'm just sitting here missing you, my friend; Might book a flight in the night just to see you again; Say "Hola" to Spain for a long weekend; I've got no money in my pocket but for you I'm buying; MM-...

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5. New Obsession

I've been known for putting on a show; Jaw-dropping center stage, I know; But ever since Cupid walk past; He hit me once like a heart attack; So fast and I couldn't just let you go; Ooh, boy I'm sick ...

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6. Problems Problems

I don't (know know); I don't (know know); I; I'm going numb to be put on the side; You used to sit me so high up on your shoulders; Those days are over; Why; you; you are a force of nature? Just like ...

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