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1. Dreams Of a Rebel

I've got all my questions answered; I've got nothing left to say; This time I'm prepared to live through; The roads of a different state; Nothing's gonna slow me down; No one will be there to tell; I'...

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2. Fight

Bright city living of broken dreams; People always swearing; They just don't say what they mean; I wonder if this table will ever turn; Everyone around me has got this story to tell; One way or anothe...

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3. I Don't Belong

I don't belong here; No doubt about it; This life I'm living; She bribes me in; This feelings I feel; They urge and shout; I don't belong here; I don't belong; The world outside; Seems so much better;...

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4. Slow Dance

Have you ever watched kids on the merry go round? I'll listen to the rain slapping on the ground; Ever follow the butterflies’ erratic flying? I'll even gaze out the sun into the fading night; You bet...

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5. The Search

I don't know, Where I'm going, But I sure know, Where I've been, I've been waiting far, All of my move. ; Everytime, I fall asleep, I wake up, in a different street, Different faces, still the same vi...

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