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1. A Buncha Girls

A Buncha Girls sitting on the deck, drinking fishbowl margaritas; A buncha girls down in Cancun, yeah some seven day senioritas; A buncha girls packed in a jeep, heading to the beach for the weekend; ...

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2. Drinky Drink

Why hey there why you look so sad? What did he say to make you feel so bad? Well I guarantee that I'd never do nothing like that, no; So what you got planned on Friday night? Could put your red dress ...

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3. Get On Down The Road

Here we go! Well I kinda took my uncle's cadillac, My mind was made and my bags were packed; And that gps was set for tennessee; No books to keep, no business suit, no weeds will grow beneath these bo...

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4. Good As Gold

He can buy you nice things; But I can make your knees weak; So he has a house on a hill; I got what you really need; Cause that view from a hill; Looking at the stars; Ain't gonna fill; The valley in ...

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5. Grandpa's Farm

It's gonna be a long hot summer, The heats gonna come for sure; Makin you love me might take longer, down here everything is slow; Sheets are blowin on the closeline, Honeysuckle make ya smell real sw...

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6. Helluva Life

Saturday night and a six pack, girl; A big star shining on a small town world; It's a helluva life, it's a helluva life; And Kc lights on a dirt road dance; You take that kiss just as far as you can; ...

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7. I'm Thinking Country

Hey I'm just staring out the window, baby don't mind me; But it's been a couple weeks since I walked on something but concrete; This big city's getting to me, I'm having hillbilly dreams; I'm hearing ...

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8. It Don't Take Much

Just a high school kid with a strong arm; From throwing them rocks at an old barn; Got a full-ride shot, gonna be a star; No, it don't take much; Now he's got that old town facing; All the dreams that...

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9. Place To Lay Your Head

Look at you lookin like a superstar; Girl I bet you sure know how to break a heart; I ain't got no knock you down pick up lines; But girl I bet you and me could have a good time; (Chorus); So come on ...

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10. Rescue Me

Small town, young love, big mistakes, same old story; She thought it was best to just run away; Hot head, fast car, joe cool, slow southern drawl, And out here nobody's buyin that anyway; These two lo...

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11. Single Again

She's been taking calls she's been avoiding; Smiling back at some of them boys; When she's out on the town with her girlfriends; She's been down at the mall buying her new shoes; Paintin' her nails re...

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12. Sober Me Up

This crazy life can mess you up, It's like a bottle of whine, Too much can get you drunk and cloud up your mind; Chasin all these dreams down can sure keep ya stoned, Lately I've been stumblin round, ...

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13. Southern Side

You're cuttin' up those turnip greens; Drummin' pots and pans in the kitchen; Dancin' ‘round to Little Feat; And singin' Dixie Chicken; At the small of your back; I see that Ole Miss tattoo; Baby I lo...

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14. Sunshine & Whiskey

Every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey; Chilling on a beach with my sweet Georgia peach; Not a care in the world, just trying to beat the heat; Body like an hourglass, sand on her feet;...

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15. Tell Me You Get Lonely

I bet you're kickin yourself for lettin me walk away; Makin yourself a list of things you wish you didn't say; Sitting by the phone hoping it's gonna ring; Chorus; Tell me you get lonely when it's col...

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16. You Could've Loved Me

You could've loved me; But I did it all wrong; Running around, taking my time, taking too long; You were an anchor, I was wild and free; But you could've loved me; Now it's crazy to see you wearing th...

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17. You'll Accomp'ny Me

A gypsy wind is blowin' warm tonight; The sky is starlit and the time is right; And still you're tellin' me you have to go; Before you leave there's somethin' you should know; Yeah somethin' you shoul...

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18. Young & Crazy

One day, I'll slow and lay down; Spend my weekends in a swing out on the wraparound; Oh but these days, I'm on a mission; To get these wild oats out of my system; Yeah I might stay out all night; I've...

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