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1. Closer To Me

Closer To Me; I know you want me, yeah; On your own sometime today; I'm looking to somebody, yeah; Gotta hold some down today; BRIDGE; And I should've known that was something to do-oo; And I should'v...

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2. Complicated

Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh; Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh-ooh x2; Verse 1; I`m coming down, Don`t anybody come around and pull me under; I had my ? And caught up in my ? and I feel so out-numbered; I`m coming down, ...

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3. I'm Not Shy

Open Wide, Close Your Eyes, Do You Feel Fine, Do You Dare, Take Me There, Wanna share mine.. ; Cause Today Is the Day, Wanna Feel Mine, Out Of sight, Come and slide, Cause it feels like; [Chorus]; Im ...

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4. Silence

I go to your place in the afternoon; To take the last drag of the honeymoon; I take a deep breath coming up for air; A crocodile smile and a silent prayer; BRIDGE; Maybe I've come too early; But I'll ...

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5. Turn It Up

Turn it up, turn it up; Feel the knock knock on your lock; Burn it up, barely stop; I'm feeling rock n roll; VERSE 1; Gonna swing in time cos' I know that I can; I said bounce in time like I know that...

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