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1. 1984

FRANK THE TANK - 1984; Day by day in my office chair; in the registry department; past is erased and remade; like a blank apartment; can't remember the good old times; where I could do what I would; S...

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2. Glass

Another feeling just got inside my mind; in the middle of the night; Just needed a spark to start this fire; that blows my soul; If he calls you to the flow, you don't really have to go; I realized th...

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3. Hangover

Someday you gonna find your own way; To put your feet on the road; And no one to tell you how the world; Was made; Some place where you can join a good wave; Have a few drinks and do your own show; Wi...

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4. Hooked On Coffee

another day filled with coffee; yeah, just a black and bitter day; I need one cup in the morning; To start it over again; Walkin' over the streets; Under this gray dead sky; Feeling my body tired, but...

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5. Old's Cool

You're not young, not middle-aged; You're far from being an ancient; In book of life, you have to turn the page; Try to find some innovation; Just get off of that situation; Don't get stuck, try to fi...

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6. Tell It To Me

Well I'm ridin' down Fifth Street, I'm comin' down Main; I tried to bum a nickel for to buy cocaine; Cocaine's gonna kill my honey dead; Chorus:; Now won't you tell it to me; Tell it to me; Drink the ...

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