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1. Back and Forth

Back and forth now we do it again; Riding planes and hoping to land; it's time to change and walk away; woah-oh woah-oh-oh-oh; Painting walls with the colors inside; the sun is down but the moon is th...

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2. Barely Love You Too

Say you will, say you won't; You can wear my sticker, you can have my phone; But I don't really care even if you don't; 'Cause you make me smile; Yeah you make me smile; Tell me this, tell me that; If...

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3. Places

There are places we are going to; There are places we have gone; There are numbers that we paint our life; By the colors that we're told; I am watching over you; Now are you watching me? Twenty thousa...

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4. Two Hearts

Here we are, miles apart; you said it's too hard; Yesterday has come and gone away; it's never coming back; Never coming back; So take one good look at what's in front of you; open up your eyes do wha...

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