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1. Friends

Come on my friend; and leave your caution to the wind; I know we use to keep that feeling out of sight; It's getting stronger; I feel it burning in my mind; slowly teasing me it's growing deep inside;...

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2. Let Me In

Let me in; with the flowers; don't bring me down; I'm on the ground; Let me in; you got the power; to kill the pain; I'm feelin' deep within; Last night I hurt you so; but 'till the mornin' sun grow c...

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3. On The Edge Of The Night

Looking through the empty faces closing in around; Unfamiliar crowded faces, the twilight underground; Why, why, why, when I close my eyes; Why, why, why, tell me; Caught up in a strange sensation of ...

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4. Room In Your Heart

It's dark and cold tonight; I'm walkin' all alone; And one step at a time; I'm gettin closer; I know she's hard to find; Instinctively I try; To take the path of love; Into the night; There would be n...

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5. Together

I love you my baby, You won't see a change in me; They say I'm just a dreamer, They could never know my dreams. Oooh; I'm lovin' ya, ladies; Everyone a special kind; Sweet little love sensations; That...

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