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1. Better To Be Loved

Love me, a little love ain't never hurt nobody; Make believe that you were never hurt before; And let me change your mind; Hold me, you don't have a reason to be lonely; We can break the dawn into a s...

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2. Come Over

[Intro]; Ooh; Oh, nah, nah, nah, uh; Yeah, sugar's so fly, back it up nice, uh; Oh my, oh my; Feelin' just right, thinkin' I might; Need a bad girl in my life; These low lights make me so shy; But som...

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3. Honey I'm Home

Hey, hey, hey, oh; Hey, hey, hey, ooh baby; Hey, hey, hey oh, yeah, yeah, oh yeah; Honey I'm home, where you hiding? Tired of work, nine to fiving; I can feel your devotion; Come downstairs let's put ...

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4. Nobody Like You

You know who you are; Brighter than the brightest star; Heaven to my fingertips; Baby, you're the greatest I've ever kissed; There's nobody, nobody like you; There's nobody, nobody like you; The way y...

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5. Something Different

Fast life loving; Chilling like a villain; Room full of women; But it feels like something's missing; Cuz I know they don't shut it down like you girl; Wish you could kick it with me too; Cuz the mone...

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6. Sugar (Feat. Robin Schulz)

Oh, oh, oh; Oh, baby! Oh, oh, hey; Ah, she got cherry lips, angel eyes; She knows exactly how to tantalize; She's out to get you, danger by design; Cold-blooded vixen, she don't compromise; She's some...

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7. When I Found You

Oh, ha ah ah yeah; Listen to me girl, yeah; What goes up should come down; Got my mind stuck here in the stratosphere; 30, 000 feet above the ground; Oh no; I can't breathe when your; Standing so clos...

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8. Call

(Ooh yeah); We're alone, we're alone, we're alone, once again; And it's better than being alone here all by myself; I could see it coming from a long way ahead; I don't ever want to be lonely with no ...

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