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1. Buttercups

It never rains but it pours; Do keep the wolf from the door; I see him sitting in silence; Outside my house; Quiet as a mouse; I tried to buy you roses; But all the stars were closed; And if I had a d...

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2. Fly In The Ointment

I was on my wall; Minding my own business; When a man walked up to me; And he say "hey don't fall", "and anyways; What's a nice guy like you doing sitting on a wall?"; And I say; "I don't like flies i...

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3. Moonshine

When my eyes are closed but my heart's on fire; Because the clock is approaching the midnight hour; I leave my window open, all the lights are out; And from the darkest night comes the loudest shout; ...

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4. Shadow Boxing

When the sunlight ebbs away; The shadows come out to play; There's signs on the railings; And all that breathes is still; In the middle of a boxing ring; Tethered by a string; With meat hooks bandaged...

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