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1. 18 Nine

Swallow my fate - in everlasting joy; Using tears to - wash away the dirt; I keep it well hidden from the boogieman; Cynical but gentle i wipe it away; Ironically i seem to remember this; Dear life, l...

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2. I Fit My Surroundings

I Fit My Surroundings; Look at this castle; That builds my ruin; With sand and snow; So it won't last long; A change of season; Made my dreams crumble; No season fits my surroundings; Look at these we...

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3. In Me

In Me; Came to visit me in my grave; Seeing red with the dead; Same as it always has been; Took me down like a tidal wave; Only for once I felt complete; Riding the wave with life by my side; So preci...

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4. My Philosophy

My Philosophy; A bright light of memories; Darkens this path of buried dreams; The joy of addiction becomes a junkie; Held down with no love for life; What could have been forever; Is taken away and p...

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