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1. Arian and Arador

Staring through the ocean while the smoke eclipses sky; Come to, mother nation, there's a hunger in us all; A trip through the gate, prepared to the bone; Put on the lead I will ride; I reach my desti...

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2. Colours Of Sin

Couldn't steer the poor man from the decent property; Take my cards and play them in a world of misery; Do you feel the tattooed tears that run in agony? Close my eyes in peace at night, I'm in realit...

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3. Euphoria

Under the clouds you are over the earth; Thousands of miles, far from home; Teased by the air but you can't kiss the rain; You made us all unite; We are - under the one who will light up our day; Some...

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4. Fall a Prey

Looking out, we're forward in an endless ride; Face of death will make a try to fool me; Suddenly our prophecy brings tragedy; Through the rain we hold our hands together; I can see it, you can see it...

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5. Fight With Fire

Sail across the seven seas with honour in my heart; I feel the pride-my force takes control; Sweet emotions far away-we came make conquests; we have no fear, no pain, no remorse; Golden eagle-show us ...

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6. Heal Me Now

I heard the voices who tell me; Release all the wishes you see; Makes moderation of anguish; It's a promise and you are free; Walk through the fire, I told you; But soon you will see there's a lie; Ho...

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7. Ice Cold

First time, first touch, we where joking and laughing together; We were so close to each other, underneath our shell; We share our time and I hope it’ll continue forever; More like a joker I came and ...

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8. In Luxury

I'm standing alone, I'm in for control; The fifth sense is inching my spine; I do what it takes, I rumble and roll; Numbered and put into line; I walk through the fire, you burn, will I perish in flam...

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9. July

Leafs are falling over my shoulder; Standing alone today; Autumn’s cold, sending my message; Facing the ground again; The narrow path is long; so winding and awful; remember the shooting star; I hope ...

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10. Kings And Queens

You got your life, you’re living here and now; and it’s no matter what; Fly like a bird and put your spell on me; you like to be right here; I’ve been waiting through these days and years; to divide o...

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11. Light My Flame

Falling on my knees, facing the dust; Digging my own grave with bleeding hands; Kill me, get it over let me die; Let the gallows fall - and; Welcome the spirit to rise; It's a judgement day fall from ...

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12. Midnight Moon

Misty night in motion account for night in spell; Spirits in devotion - are submission of the sanity; Wilderness expression and calm before the storm; Winds flare up and rumble - rising up with the mi...

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13. Profile Of The Day

First page of the chapter, it’s when the feather speak; A link between the rulers, so strong or just too weak; Living in a story, we’re knights who’s marching out; Vision of a daydream, more than what...

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14. Rise Again

Winter is cold as you say; The morning glory is so far away; Nature, yes they have the way; The riders of love had told me to stay; God of love; Where’s the angel you sent from the sky? Your flame in ...

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15. Saratoga

When I pass you by; I can see in your eyes; Who be the one; Am I the chosen here tonight; You have seen my face; And you have seen it before; Who be the one; Am I the chosen here tonight; The long con...

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16. Set Us Free

Remember the hard times when we were; marching with the army, I’m alive; - we where playing with danger; Shaving all my hair, I beat the foes, you melt the ice, we eat the steel; - in runic inscriptio...

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17. Sign Of Victory

Intoxicated lust with credit words; We got the power let's conquer the world; My expectations have grown for too long; Take all my pride and position in line; War has no glory and mercy in sight; Brot...

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