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1. A Flower In The Dark Tide

Tell me all your sins; I will be in your soft dream; I will try all your delights; Then caress your sleeping face; What do you feel when I am inside? In your room, resting in your chair. Watching you ...

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2. A Summer To Die

Nature's own heart. Behold, the true redemption! Days passing by, resting alone. Sweet light and a perfect summer to die. Her love is a thorn. in my own heart. And the heat flows like a stream... To d...

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3. Ariadne

Ariadne, sweet angel of mine; The light of the stars hides in your eyes; Ariadne, sweet angel of mine; Will your death be mine? Bleeding for you, as you cry for me; Silent your waters are rest here wi...

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4. Black Phoenix

Sentenced to silence, blamed for all sins; Reaching to darkness, burning my skin; Saved by no one, forgotten instead; One sacred angel, one sold to the hell; Rivers of fire will burn; My final damnati...

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5. Cold Sky

Awaken under the sky; Clear sky, but so cold; Where the sky grows; The angels mourn; Their hearts are torn; Cold sky, my empty home; Faces, lost and empty shapes; You among the bitter lies; Our time i...

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6. Desolate Moors

The shadow of tonight's insomnia; Takes me to the lonely land; Of desolate moors and silence; Away from the city lights; Forgotten the whores' thirsty lips; Beyond the walls of glass and concrete; To ...

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7. Eternal Emerald

Sing the ageless song; Brake the chains of reason; The sword in your hand; Will guide you through; Christened by blood; The life-giving sparkle won't fade; The eternal emerald shines; Old fairy tales ...

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8. Graphics In Ebony

She takes me down. crushing, burning; Never released. destiny fading; Her mind is darkened. bleakness, forgiveness; Enchanting?. ; For your fall. insane, black hearted; So far away. desolate, mesmeriz...

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9. I Know Your Pain

I know your pain; Like no one else does; I'll stay with you; Until your silence comes; Wind talks in the grass; Beneath our feet; Above our heads; In the weeping trees; I'll stay with you; On this day...

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10. Scarlet Prophecy

From the voice of the beast; And of the broken beggar; Thy ocean shatters, the waters spits storm; Bleeding into the heart, pure blood; Poisonous nectar gods feast upon; It bleeds into you; Girl has b...

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11. Silent Winter

Stain my eyes with guilt; One winter's day it all be gone; Bless the mournful eve; One secret kiss and shame to feel; The bleak that I must know; And passion lost beneath the sea; For I am the silver ...

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12. The Doomed Halls Of Damnation

Enter the doomed halls; Of eternal damnation; Where your nothingness; Meets its end; Dreadful chambers of agony; Putrefied mass to cover your body; Sorrow is like a tender mother to care; When all is ...

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13. The Fall Of Eve

Bleak sculptures in the twilight of the fall; Beyond beauty are the visions of mine; Dark is the majestic crown of autumn fade; Such a strange song weeps in my mind; Glory of past days when we ruled; ...

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14. The River Of Serpents

My river of serpents, innocence is your name; When dawn entwines me in its cold dew; The grass awakes the serpent's dream; Oh, mournful eyes, lust is gone; Forever seems the cold morning mist; The riv...

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15. The Shining

The devil outside and sorrow enters my home; Waiting so silent and black hours pass; Tearing my mind from my dying soul; They come, they go and kill; The wretched shades after the rain; In this world ...

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16. Thundering Heights

Towards where; The gods and eagles dare; Away from this curse; Of infinite pain; The thundering heights, Above the mankind's creation; Cold Olympus; In mortal visions of desperation; Breastfed with bl...

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17. Underwater

His eyes, his hands; Upwards to distant sky; Coldness is eternal; Darkness is not a blessing; Pressure he endures; Underwater, away from sight; Without his children; His name is effigy to them; His th...

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18. Wendigo

Running in this ice storm; Feet has had no rest since the start; He will feed on human flesh; Teeth grin with blood; Rot, pain, gore, death; This is the dreadful night; Grave spirit's possessed body; ...

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