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1. Black Freedom

This time you get this fuckin' war; Black euphoria blind your mind; Black euphoria turns to horror; You have a reason to stay alive; Eternal fight between your life and mind; You are the soldier of th...

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2. Dreams Of Dumb Instincts

I'll leave my doubts for a rainy days; I dream of ghostly seen repose; It's early days yet to say; Whom i will fall a pray to? I see your eyes, i see your cry; I'm the man who killed your mind; Who ki...

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3. From Blind Love To Wild Hate

The waves not slapping in the face; The takings not blown about; There was just a fatal flaw; To trust, to have the faith in you; I'll never give my warmth again; I'll never suffer any more time; I le...

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4. Mirror Of Fate

New day begins, I must to wake up; I hate this time 'cause I'll must to have run; And day by day I'm walking on the edge; What for it all I don't understand; I'm every day look to the mirror; I see re...

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5. Painfull

The time has come and soul has burned; Sorrow in heart of story heard; Just put your hands on rusty knife; And feel the pain; The dreams founded, not blazing love; But pain instead the skies above; Ar...

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6. Ray Of Light

You bring the light to earth; Belong to them who never hears; Becoming the one who is divine; Fotget the meaning of the time; Just tell me why you are a slave; Why don't you want to release the flame;...

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7. Run 2u

So come to me and feel my heart; So come to me look into my eyes; You pray to God, you've sold your soul; Nobody hear your crying call; You try to live, try to break free; On sad wings of destiny; Bla...

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8. There Is Ahope

Road to nowhere regret a chaos; Thougth confusion regret a fear; Fear of the questions unanswered prayer; Changeful emotions and wasting hopes; I got a scream to nowhere; I hear the cold of walls; May...

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