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1. Angel

Everybody sit down and listen; Wanna tell you what you've been missing; Secrets, big big secrets; Angel came out of nowhere; And vanish without a warning; Angel, like and angel; Chorus:; And when she ...

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2. Beauty and Madness

Over there, just beneath the moon, There's a man with a burden to keep, Now sleep will fall, washouts, rags and paperbags; Homes and lives passing by. Chorus; Who will see the beauty in your life; And...

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3. Even Tall Trees Bend

Holy Holy Holy; Was the groundest tall of all; The light across the ocean; Shall brighter than before; Come to take your last look; Across the barren land; Come to pray for miracles; Beneath the weste...

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4. Every Time i See You

Life is seems, sleeps away; Just like any dream; All I want is all i need; Still I ask for more; Say. say why is it so; Wait, wait dont let me know; *Everytime I see you; My life turns upside down; Ev...

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5. Faithful

Im away and on my way; To a better place and today; What is there for me to say; Except i miss you, so much now; * /Please dont cry; Dont believe a visions lies; They dont know i change and what; I ha...

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6. Freedom

I; Some memorize and close their live; Dreams of sea and sky; And then i know angel find a hearts; The rain can wash away; II; The sun pretend its beautiful; Its everything at once; Well it help to fe...

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7. Home

Live the city lets run into the wild; Never lonely but no one inside; Hear the whisper that country calls my name; See the springfiled that never be the same; Im in heaven theres nothing more to say; ...

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8. If I Knew Then

The dark woods all surrounded me; Still protect me from the rain; The trees are tall than they use to be; But the shadows look the same; *If i knew then; What i know now; I would have stayed a little ...

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9. Indifference

Underneath the big blue sky; Theres a million people rushing by; But did you ever stop and wonder; Where they going next; Do they ever stop and notice; Things that open go unnotice; Things that make a...

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10. Later

How can you come with me; When you knew all along that you had to go; How could you watch me sleep close to you; Pretending not to know; How could you memorize my name; And forget who I am; How could ...

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11. Light And Shade

He will pain the light and shades; The colours and the trees; He will climb the steepest hill; Believing what he sees; He will lay down on the ground; Beneath the old oak tree; He will sleep forever; ...

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12. Love Is a Lonely Harbour

She run away with a joke of her man; But the laughter is not on me; Tears are not enough; When your drowning to be seen; But i got a way to try to forget; But i cant get over you; It aches me from ins...

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13. Shouldn't Have To Be Like That

It's always like this, people i know; read many books and save every dream, with all of their hope buried inside, somewhere; And somewhere a man cries for his love; a love that is lost, that withered ...

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14. Some People

Some people will do anything for you; Some people live and think that they own you too; Some people like to think by now at all; Some people just dont see it when they fall; *Tell me why, tell me why;...

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15. Stitches And Burns

People say that I?m a foll; Well I don?t know; At least I found out; What it takes to be strong; I was dreaming all day long; A drifting cloud; With eyes wide open; I would choose not to see; Chorus; ...

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16. The Distance Between Us

So maybe I lose my heart; Is that so much to shout about; I spent the nights counting the stars; This kind of love is not the love; That was given to us; The distance between us is everything now; Eve...

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17. Thief In Paradise

Sometimes inside looking out; Sometimes coffee triger life; Like a thief of paradise; Im a lost in a shooting dice; Sometimes heaven open so; Right away; I dont wanna go (I dont want to go); I dont wa...

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18. Upside Down

Ive been spending sometime; Thinking of you and I; Dont know if i could really make it tonight; I wait in the dark come down in a star; Thinking about you is almost breaking my heart; I dont know wher...

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