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1. Cell 91

1978 we lost Jp I; The church was prayin “God’s will be done”; All the red hats had to make a trip to Rome; Each one wonderin if he’d make it back home; The cardinals take their place, each in a cell;...

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2. Everybody Got To Suffer

Refrain; You think that you the only one that got to suffer ?? You think that you the only one with pain to suffer ??? Everybody got a thing they gotta suffer. Rich or poor don’t matter gotta suffer. ...

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3. Hdhd

Come with me. The transmission has been given; For our livin I ain’t kiddin. Open up to 1 Corinthians 11:23. ; “For I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you that the Lord Jesus on the nig...

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4. In Memory Of Me

My hear has been in anguish bleeding for you. This is why I leave; behind this meal for you to do. Take this bread and wine and eat know; it's really Me. This is how I remain with you until eternity. ...

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5. Libre

Oh my beloved world; You have given me so much and yet so little; Always offering an answer to my questions; Always with a comeback for where I come from; And yet here I stand; Still full of questions...

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6. Never Been Born (mercy)

She didn't want me. She didn't spare me. If she held me, she never; would have let the doctor come and tear me from the life womb. Now; a killing room. Abortion by the hands of the doctor and the nurs...

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7. Unborn Victims Of Violence

I was at the airport-; Opened up the paper-; I was shocked at what I saw-; Talk about a new law coule it be a new rule; Or was it just another fool; I had to read it again-; Thought there was somethin...

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