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1. Bit By a Dead Bee pt. I

Still soft when speaking from white flag book lungs; Bees made hives on the back of her tongue; I took weightless words; Her clouds move right through me; A line of best fit; Landlocked in light; Her ...

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2. Eiffel

And your holy ruin; Heavened and hallowed in breast and bough; Would be pressed on ladder rungs; I'll be caught less spineless if I surrender; So I'm caught in the golden gone; Castrated; Bold of rela...

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3. Gameshark

Gainer from the balcony; Swan dive into the concrete; They served you venison and morphine; Nobel'd you for your good deeds; It's in the twelve steps; Against a death threat; It's like a seat belt; Ag...

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4. Glass Coughs

O'saint christopher around your neck; The chain in your teeth; The sweat of sweat; In the back of your trunk; holds the candle sends the wax; Sullen seed and blood collect; Fold our hands to soon forg...

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5. Heartbeats

Never the taste of fear; You got left in the fine print; The font was serif'd and tasteless; It was slanted and Latin to death; They Said Come on and get off of the bridge; And we can take the cameras...

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6. Indica

And on tides we can't be untouched by; Of troubles stay when lids lay over eyes; The frames and faces I've mistaken; For kids whose lives I may have taken; And if so, do I haunt their parents dreams? ...

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7. Laundered

Sweet debility; the macallan in my glass; Honey beads from those ardent eyes; So here I sit, flooded in molasses; Every dollop of sweat swells in your light; So call me what you will, just calm me; Ca...

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8. Nearer My God

I want it all; I'll watch the bridges all burn; And I'll be you dog; I'd be a darling for you; Or anyone who wants me at all; Does anybody want me at all? 'Cause I'd sell my soul; To be America's pool...

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9. Nearer My God (French)

Je désire tout; Je regarderari tous les ponts brûler; Et je serai ton chien; Je serai un chéri pour toi ou; Pour quiconque me désire du tout; Est-ce que personne ne me désire du tout? Car j'ai vendu m...

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10. Redwoods

And of places in between houses; Where the redwoods could swallow you whole; Swollen appendages; catch in the knots of radiance collapsing inwards; It's there I replace your face with flowers; Sow see...

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11. The Magdalene

I'm going down with the rosary; Tongue pressed on guilt from a dove in my teeth; I could watch it drip down and cover my skin; The taste of christ sits still while I swallow your insides; I could let ...

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12. Three On a Match

Little woken warmth; The only thing I loved; Now a suffocated soul; Its mother's makeup runs and rinses out the pores; Rings the color from her hair; For what we did my love I'm sorry; And who the clo...

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