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1. Dark Sky

fall out; fall out days; call out; call out my name; far down; far down low; our sound; our sound implodes; i wanna' see you just a little; when you throw me to the floor; but don't you leave me in th...

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2. Dilate

When i see your face; My eyes just dilate; But i can't erase; That I want to violate; Everybit and everything and; every part of you; I've suffered enough; It's killing me;

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3. Fate

time is healing; i'm ahead; find a reason once again; take a moment out of time; i'll be standing back behind; on a wing; so out of line; taken in; so out of time; all it takes is living; i want to fl...

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4. Liar

if you take a wrong turn; around the bend; you will see me smile; waving; just a little heart and pain; we could get insane; pins and needles never lie; all we have is time; i am not the the same; i a...

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5. Marlene

I shudder when I see you ashamed; how many times have you been blamed; I'm tired of how they treat you; I'm tired of what they do to you; and I'm not gonna let them anymore; Marlene; Marlene; see thes...

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6. Never Mind

you could send me a saviour; that lives 'til the end of time; promise the heavens; but that only leaves me dry; too many saviours; fuck with me; i won't die; i've never cried; but i needed more from y...

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7. Pain

feeling i've been lost for years; you can never understand me; unless you've seen those tears; but you never get to sleep; when i'm away; i don't mind; the deeper that you lay; out of time; pain, i ca...

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8. Prison

Welcome 2 the sounds of screaming, Welcome to the walls of stone, Knock me out and leave me bleeding, 13 years ... you feel so old, ; And i know it won't get easier, And i know until i'm gone. ; choru...

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9. Run

if i could remember; a face i'd never seen; deep in these embers; that glow on endlessly; what would they tell me; if others had lost their faith; what would they sell me; if we had lost our way; if i...

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10. Say It

say it; say it so i won't waste away; i've played it; played it out every game; wanted; wanted more than you can show; say it; say that you're gone; i cannot ever say it; i can't say it now; i know it...

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11. Shadows

she's in ecstasy; her hollowed sky; pours down heavenly; and fakes desire; i've been living here; in the red; i've been feeling; i'm dead again; we've been bored before... ; i have never felt so alone...

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12. She Knows

she flies from a blinding light; and spirals to my heart; i try to find my mind; but don't know where to start; won't ever; can't ever find my sanity; won't ever; can't ever 'til i hear; her calling f...

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13. Strangled (acoustic Demo)

turned to face myself alone; 'cause we both know; we don't walk on the same road; the same road; minutes turn to a week; but we don't speak; we just shout in the same tones; the same tones; twisting a...

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14. Surrender

mother told me; yes she told me; i'd meet girls like you; she also told me; stay away; you’ll never know what you'll catch; just the other day i heard of a soldier's falling off; some indonesian jun...

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15. Sway

can't keep living this way; i've got another rope over me; but i won't hang; i can feel you covet my faith; i've said another lie; and i know why; i don't want to sway; seize these worlds; or never li...

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16. Think

Summer fields; seem brighter than before; money deals; keep ponding down my door; what am I to think; when you turn away from me once more; what am I to think; suffered once; but it's easier to hide; ...

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17. Thrown To The Wolves

walked on the stones; then sank through these oceans; heaven's fields laid bare; i'd give up the ghosts; locked up inside me; if i ever once had cared; and time won't; ever fade; silken threads; that ...

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18. Tied Up

put these chains over me; make me feel i'm alive; i want to feel your faith; but you're never on my side; i want to feel you're faith explain; that i've never tried; i don't care for change; other wor...

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19. Too Far Gone

we used to smile; but the Fates denied; and wove our threads bare; now i just stare; and try to trick my self sometimes; but we're too far gone; we're too far gone; you could wash me clean; from your ...

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20. Train

A train tearing through this place, Scars cover a wounded face, It's not love you wanted when you came back, Stars... burning have now turned black. ; And i hear you're coming home, And i fear you're ...

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21. Violent

the strangest things; i've always known; it slays me everytime; darkened fields; have overgrown; you want to lay me out? tie me down? tie me; our love; covered in my blood; is so violent; shake this s...

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