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1. Let Me Try

Why can't you see the knife through; The used flesh I gave to you; I've been through so much to meet you; I think I'm awake, what did I lose; I wish I could dream of you; Buy sleepless nights don't le...

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2. My Golden Queen

Gold from the sky, falling into my way; So bright into your eyes, there's no words to say; Cuz when I'm close to you I don't feel alone; And when you look at me, it feels like home; To be by your side...

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3. Waterfall

Under a waterfall; Inside a dream; A mind to fall; Hey look at me; I can't see the end; A falling me; With open arms I fall; I'm starting to spin; Hey! Take my hand; Help me fight what's in the end; H...

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4. You Fool My Mind

My soul is lost I cannot dream; Give me back or I'll make you scream; You stole my bag of future's dream; I have no sand, you're just to mean; You broke my gems of infinity; Now I can't rule all the g...

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