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1. Carousel

One dark and enchanted evening; The drapes pulled from the door; With frolicking and flying guests; They entered and again they left; Through the windows and the open cracks; Slipping through the wall...

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2. Corruption

Don't taint them; Don't spread your corruption; You will not lead them away from their will; Demand release from all the wretched poison they have fed to you; It's nothing new it doesn't hurt but now ...

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3. Desire

Tonight's all for you and all for me; We will satisfy the longing we desire; Come with me my sweet and I will show you the way; To everlasting love take my hand my life; Through open wounds of life; M...

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4. Falling

All the lights are ablaze in my eyes I can't see; What will keep me from falling into the sky; I can breathe only if you are here next to me; Like an angel, you melt all my fears away; If I could I wo...

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5. Fate

Life comes with an uknown fate; We live and learn to create peace within; Only to find that we have no control over the issues we must face; Those happy times we try to remember; While sadness and sor...

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6. Forever Lost

I wish that I could give you hopeful thoughts; I wish I could calm your fears; But I am drifting away from where you are; In this cold light of inquiry; Now our mysteries fade away to the night; Lost ...

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7. Jasmine

There she watches while the dancers twist so slowly; Underneath the pale and golden light; Jasmine does he know, does he care; Or is this an evil dream of despair; That this rage will come soaring thr...

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8. Real

All smiles . . . to fill a curious heart. All smiles diminish my hesitiation, My withdrawn nature. ; Situations of discomfort; Are situations of discovery, Where sense is made of disaster. ; It feels ...

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9. She Wants To Be

So dark the night when he traveled without sight; Through the trees and the clouds; Searching for a bough to rest his tired head; From the flight which he just led; She wants to be that way, Oh, to be...

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10. Survive

So far i haven't been able to sleep; So far i haven't been able to eat; My body's all tied up inside; I will have nowhere to hide; From the sentence that's due to me; From the troubles of the raging s...

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11. Ten

I am alone; Haze overwhelms consciousness; Behind the shadows, whispers feed the darkness; My thoughts paralyze the silent fear; I see only nothingness drifting from the void; A namelss enigma pushes ...

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12. The Sleeper

At midnight, in the month of June, I stand beneath the mystic moon. An opiate vapour, dewy, dim, Exhales from out her golden rim, And, softly dripping, drop by drop, Upon the quiet mountain top, Steal...

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13. What Lies Ahead

I rest here beyond the storm; In the past rage vicious winds; Still waiting beyond the storm; I don't know what lies ahead; Is it really you or is it me; Is it really gone or am I free to be; Can I wa...

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14. With My Fears

Where do I belong; Where do I belong; Down in the earth in the dark of the night; I descend from the world into my cave; I see up above all my dreams in the light; But alone I return into my cave; Whe...

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