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1. Against The Wall

Its always going to be this way; somethings will never change; the choices that we make; and the decision that weve made; too old to be naive too young to know anything; and this burden is ours we'll ...

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2. All Out Of Love

I'm lying alone with my head on the phone; Thinking of you 'til it hurts; I know you hurt to but what else can we do? Tormented and torn apart. ; I wish I could carry your smile in my heart; For times...

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3. Better Days

Blindsided but you won't walk away, We all change - you know that i'll stay the same; You've played a new face, a new game, But still we've all seen better days. ; So look around, Fallen off again, He...

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4. Engines Of Alienation

I'm sucked in, i don't know why; I'm in trouble. I wish that I; Had a signal to signify; The weight of your hair tonight. It's pulling at my shoulder blades. Wish i could bleach away:; The black on th...

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5. Evaporate

When I was young I use to believe; there wasn't a difference between you and me; but now the seperation doesn't seem so clear; always searching for something; that will never appear; and every silver ...

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6. Falling Victim

We find ourselves in simple ways, But falling victim to the simple things. Every question brings, Every answer makes another, And coming clean we're finding one another. ; We're falling to our knees. ...

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7. Keyhole

No one said that this was going to be so easy; that was just a lie I sang to myself; it only gets harder with every passing day; watch the sun rise through a window the size; of a keyhole to a door th...

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8. Lost Along The Way

I should of known better but it all comes down to this; Sometimes it's hit and somes it's miss; And I could speak so free when your a million miles away; I fear sometimes are the words i'll never say;...

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9. Testing Patience

Why should I open my mouth; when youll just pick apart what I say? You think you've got me figured out; who I am, what I'm about; well lets get this clear... just because I see a light in the dark; do...

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10. The Skies Won't Fall

too much to think; too much to drink again; I fall; asleep; my head between my knees again; I sink too deep; and I dont think I'll find my way back home; and if anything means anything; then why don't...

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