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1. Complicated

by Richie Kotzen, Taka & Ari; Just around midnight the stars light my way; I walk with my feet off the ground; I go to a place that my head has never been; Somehow it’s pulling me down; Automatic voic...

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2. Heaven

by Richie Kotzen, Taka & Ari; I could be the answer to the questions that you ask in your mind; I could be the reason why you feel what you feel in your heart; I will give you time tell me what you wa...

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3. I Still

Don’t try to make me what I don’t wanna be; This is my life and I will do what I please; You say my fate is hopeless, You say I have no focus; The more I suffocate the more I can see; My bedroom walls...

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4. Next To Me

Conversations all the same; I ain’t gonna play no fuking games; Deep inside I wanna change; But I know I’ll always walk away; If I tell you everything, will you tell me what you fear? When I tell you ...

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5. Nothing To Lose

You're the one in my mind; And you walk through my dreams; And as strange as it seems, you will never be a stranger to me. ; I will abandon all the answers; that I kept in my back pocket; So give up y...

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6. Oh My God

I'm facing all of my regrets; I'm taking all that I can get; It's right in front of me, but I don't wanna see; I guess I'll never understand it; It never goes how I planned it; I'm not afraid of takin...

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7. Say

It's all the little things; It's everything you are; and you're gone, it makes me crazy; You're sticking to my heart and I am out of mind; I wan't to know your pulse is racing; I think I like it, I th...

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8. Stand Up

Nobody said that it was easy; Nobody said that this is how it should be; I wanna be, I wanna dream, I wanna see what we are missing; Every step you take, I'll walk you through it; Every when you break...

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9. Standing In The Rain

You gave me your word and then walked away; And i tried to play along; You're such a tragic lust fantasy; And you keep me hanging on; Killing all my enemies in the end it's you and me; You're acting l...

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10. Start It Up

I do a little bit and try to quit but damage done; I'm too far gone; I’m doing everything I wanna do; So how you gonna tell me it’s wrong? From the tip of my toes to the rush sent to my head; It’s a f...

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11. Wanted

I pick up the telephone and I hear about all that you have done; I turn on my television and see what you have become; I could say that I'm happy for you, but I; I wanna know... ; How does it feel whe...

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