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1. A New Beginning

In our minds is the determination to win. In our hearts the blood of future generations beats within! Above all we have risen to take our place. The vanguards, the freedom fighters of our race! We won...

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2. Blood and Honour

He rose from the soil, a man with a voice to lead us to freedom, A briton with the lifeblood of europe, coursing through his veins. Stolen from our midst, by the cruel hand of fate, oh how we miss him...

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3. Born Again

You wonder how you ever lived before, blinded by the superficial. All you saw lost in a void, but things have changed. Released from your bonds, unlocked from your chains. You’ve been lied to, you cou...

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4. Die On My Feet

These are times that try good men, the trials, the tribulations. Now it’s make or break but it ain’t too late. This a war of attrition! I won’t submit their masterplan, were history if we don’t make a...

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5. Hate Love

I’ve had enough of your viewpoint, you don’t listen to a word I say! You’ve sat on the fence for your whole life, don’t tell me that it’s wrong to hate! Only a fool would feel affection for his execut...

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6. I Hate Commie Scum

Don't try to speak to me about racial equality; Blacks and Whites are not the same; Lies spread by the communists; Hand in hand with the capitalists; Smash them both is my aim; I hate commie scum x2; ...

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7. Into The Fray

Humbled I feel, when I think of those who paid the ultimate price, who threw of the joke! Defied the whip and laid down their lives of those imprisoned deep in the dungeons of the iron heel. Who stay ...

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8. Loss Of Identity

The new world order tightens the coils. government sanctionel genocide against our kind. all we did was wrong, equality dogma sets it right. massive immigration the theft of our birthright! Wake in fr...

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9. Masters Of Our Destiny

Hear the wolves howl, let the ravens fly as the gods return to our innermost psyche! Free, free as the wind-At one with the earth, sky and sea. Solar wheel it turns as one with nature in unity! See th...

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10. Night Guest

Silence violently broken; I'm caught on the edge of consciousness; I know I'm still dreaming; But something drags me down into this state; I feel ice-cold fingers tightening and clutching; On my paral...

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11. Self Desintegration

So hard to explain; What is happening in my head; Pressure growing fast; It's brain overload; I can't gather thoughts; They're sucked into the void; What will fill the space? Memories erased; Dehumani...

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12. Southern Birth Northern Soul

Southern stars above my head. My homeland, the ground beneath my feet. Yet our blood flows from a northern land, the essence of our young country! Little more than two hundred years, we have walked up...

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13. The Fires Of Our Rage

There’s no peaceful way out of this mens. We’ve offered solutions, we’ve done our best! We’re attacked from all sides, our voice drowned out! The flame now burns a beacon in the crowd! Within the hear...

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14. The Open Road

They took his farm back in ’93. The bank foreciosed he lost everything from his pop to his dad, it was handed down generations, lost in ’92 drought! The seels of revenge, they were sown! Now he rides ...

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15. Victory or Valhalla

Lightning cracked and thunder roared and a son of odin arose. From the earth, sea and sky, a man to lead the fight, a leader the gods had chose. He could see the time was running out; from the hour gl...

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16. Welcome To Insanity

Sinking in the river of lies; I go with no-one to follow; I stand where dead silence dies; I know this is the end of'life! In the beginning there was nothing; And nothing will remain; This road leads ...

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