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1. Angels On The Wall

Angels on the Wall; I know a shortcut to your heart; Every night I search... Just to find my soul torn apart; Don't you know how I hurt? I talk with the shadows on my wall; They tell me to stop, But I...

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2. Love Is Dead

Love Is Dead; I've cried in darkness, I've cried in shame; I thought you'd be there, no one to blame; Don't you feel me, feel my pain, Love's last whispers call your name; Drawn to you, into your flam...

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3. Vampyric

Vampyric; Watch me from the worm's eye view; Crawl at my feet... Bewildered by vampiric charm; Your continence is asleep; Come closer, look into my eyes; Tongue tied, weep... You'll never know what de...

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