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1. A Martyr's Prayer

[Lyrics: Albert Bell / Music: Forsaken]; This is my body; this is my blood; From these dying whispers of a dying life; I weave the Redeemer's darkest dream, A wish to conceal the promise of fate; Shal...

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2. Confessing My Desolation

I drifted along the sea of loneliness; The vein of isolation and despair; Entrenched in the sins of profanity; All my life I lived a humiliating lie; ; Obnoxiousness ruined belief; "Obligor, you're be...

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3. Moon Dancer

I walked across the timelss seas; I lie beside my lover's knees; Yet a hundred thousand words remain unspoken; You weave the secrets of the spider's web; I stare at the petals of the tears you shed; M...

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4. Rubicon

I have ravaged millenniums of cosmic consciousness; Hyper-realities of a spectral gravitational mass; Canticles of wisdom, an arcane lore of light; Raise your sword to the pentacle of power; Accede to...

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5. Season's End

I lie alone, the lull of exhumed memories awake me; Grief's aurora carillons the funeral of my laughter; The ascent of agony, a risen luminary of entranced reality; Rapture, I mourn, dreams of yesterd...

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6. Slipstream

A captive in the ravines of the streams of unconsciousness; The maze of illusion where dreams of light and darkness lie abreast; Imprinted in eternity echoing hopes of timelss years; I live tales of f...

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7. Sufferance

I am a man, who knows affliction; From the rod of his anger; The one whom He has led and forced to walk; In darkness, not in the light; The thought of my homeless poverty; Is wormwood and gall; Rememb...

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8. The Healer

The winter's rage howls vanity's dirge; Gravestone laurels whisper words of our nature's purge; Idle hopes of immortality; Broken by frigid arteries of senility; Now listen; A merciless greed vows to ...

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9. Via Crucis (The Way Of The Cross)

[Lyrics: Albert Bell / Music: Forsaken]; I walk through barren corridors glistening; With a stench of a promised salvation; This sultry wilderness mourns; The grieving of a mother's supplication; Sera...

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10. Where Angels Have Fallen

[lyrics: Albert Bell / Music: Forsaken]; Crimson tears summon me to the eclipse of my death; For the reckoning of my sins I shall pledge; A black veil of emotionless silence begs to clothe me; Through...

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11. Winter Tears

Dews of serenity, sleep through plains of tranquility; Umbras engraved, in an embryonic stare; Rhymes of innocent melody wail in a silent harmony; Immersed all alone in the despondent air; A velvet lu...

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12. Wither The Hour

[Lyrics: Albert Bell / Music: Forsaken]; This resurrected withering pain; Deafening my silence; A haunting re-visited; Weakening my resilience; Maelstroms of indignity; Forged in hate; Tribal steel; C...

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