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1. Beyond The Veil

All of our lives floating away; chasing for shadows day by day; she reached for the stars; and nothing made her stay; Beyond the veil she is awaiting; beyond the veil we´re standing free; beyond the v...

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2. Conformance To Greyness

The troops are marching side by side and similar from the sky is falling the grey; Run before you´re part of the grey; hide in the secrets of woods; let us sing the old songs of our hearts; and you wi...

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3. Fatality

The frameworks collapse, shadows fall; agony and darkness call; what happened cannot be undone; Everlasting battle deep inside; you cannot run, nor can you hide; the elder times are gone; Desperate se...

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4. Gate Of Darkness

The forest is waking; somewhere in the shadows of the past; you´ll find what you want to encounter at last; It has been reopened; and now it is time for you to run; because you´d be doomed if you woul...

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5. Memories

Just opened my eyes; pain was around me; my body shouts for food; my memories just came back; and i knew it was a great night; and i knew it was a great week; but the end came sudden; We all had dance...

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6. Ride Into The Light

Once again i rise; crush away the ice; asking myself where on earth am i? though the wind is cold; yet the year is old; this is not the time for us to fail; storms and winds now blow; and the waters f...

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7. The Observer

Watch! From break of dawn till deep in the night; there´s someone on the other side; looking at me and at you; as if he´s nothing better to do; The observer is watching you; so beware the hell what yo...

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