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1. L'étreinte Du Chanvre

I'm the noose; The deisre for me; Has no limit; You come into to me; We wheel in an; Endless abyss; The pain is so good; I feel my trachea; Being compressed; And finally be grinded; The death is near;...

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2. Pedophiliac Abbot

By the wish of chastity; I rape children; God told me; To sodomize the little boys; At the mass; I force to drink; My piss to these; Fucking young christians; And to drive this fucking'host into; Deep...

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3. Virgin Blood

You're my little girl; You're so pretty and beautiful; What's happen? Girl, your blood is; Falling down; But now you're; Not virgin anymore; You're a slave; Masowhore of nowhere; Pray Jesus; But he fu...

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