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1. I Was So Sure

"Breathe"; That's what they're telling me; But I just can't calm down; Grieve... I know, it's what I need; But I just don't know how; All these voices get so loud; But they still can't drown the sound...

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2. If The Money's Good

Don't talk, you speak too much; Just take the cash and get out; Don't worry, you think to much; Just do what you need and leave; I don't trust no one and I won't start now; (It's a bloodsport.); I pla...

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3. War

You run, like the letters on these pages; I'm not sick but still so far away from sane; Nightmares, but I haven't slept in ages; The battles won; But there's still poison in our veins; We've lost cont...

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