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1. Hungry Face

I look at your empty face; I see the ashes in your eyes; Your hungry turns into a pain; Another reason to cry; These days we show our dark side; There’s only ambition in our minds; Someone dies of hun...

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2. Screaming For Justice

You fell so strange and not so right; You look around another time; There’s something wrong but they don’t care; They movin’ on and you just stare; Inside your mind you wonder why; You want to scream ...

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3. The Brick Factory

The issue was raised; It’s time to speak the truth; They took a train; Somewhere with nothing smooth; Make a good trip; But don't return again; Your lives will be better; Without all of this pain; And...

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4. The Temple Of Lies

The bishop of Rome, vicar of Christ; He and his temple everytime; Introducing the sacraments; And preaching the gospel ‘till the end; What you think it looks like? Is church built by hands of God? May...

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