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1. Abuse

Abuse life; Abuse death; Abuse flesh; Abuse soul; Abuse love; Abuse hate; Abuse you; Abuse me; Wish for; Another system; Another night; In another life

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2. Aerefull Ferd

Sverg ved den gamle; Og forlat ditt liv; fèlgoss mot fjeller; til Villmarkens Viv; Kjemp med ¦re; of du vil forste, at dèdenpuster; men lager ei ser; Kom bli med! Folk og Fe; Opplev; ¦refull ferd;...

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3. Agony Defiled

They make you crawl; They make you bleed; They make you cry; Get you down on your knees; They make you beg; They make you plead; That your lives be spared; But they dare not take heed; Ain't that swee...

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4. Barer Av Nordstjernen

Kalde Stjerner glimtet pe himmelen hèyt; Natten syntes endelèsog uten tid; Menen skinte vagt over de krystallklare himmler; og viste vei giennom tid og universer; (Tross nattens barske motstand; Tro...

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5. Cubes

The madness is complete; Chaos is order, all as one; Empty shells without matter; Degenerating and collapsing; Untouchable are the sinners of slavery; Unforgivable democracy; False is true. The handma...

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6. Disintegration

Life; Another sense of reality; Could be an illusion; Possibly a nightmare; Galactic on forward in motion; Cursed systematic evolution; Genetic codes; Programmed to failure; Dismay is the new content;...

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7. Ether Inside

The ether inside speack of illusions; I enter a world, I have seen it before... Neither dreams nor nightmares; Can be compared; I stand still... or do I? Can you hear me... did I think that... Did I t...

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8. Gate Of Mystic

Dare I walk this ground; Where souls of poets lie; Need I know those sacret words; Which opens the gate of mystic; What lies there which I need know; To fulfill the dream of gothic. ;

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9. Grow City

find me, in Grow city; I find life in quantity; Quality has perished; I search through social caves; Through reckless minds; Strap me down;; I might fail just to displace you; I am a drug of my own, N...

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10. Heroes

Where are the heroes that courage revealed, The battle - bright warriors who strode to the field; Of the war, their swords a light in the fray? The heroes are gone, they have all passed away; Where ar...

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11. Hybernation

Prepared and bottled; Pre-installed horizons; Qued, piled and stocked; Packed, labeled and stored; Arms and legs, attach detach; Access profile, search for gene match; Injected manners and flaws; Hope...

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12. Lik Av Falne Menn

Med blanke sverd; Mot kongens menn ventet grusom hevn; og ei gudene kunne hjelpe dem ne; Ravnen kom, glupsk og gredig; for e fretse: lik av falne menn; Spydene strakk seg etter smertefull dèd; hjelme...

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13. Ragnarok

Austpå satt den gamle; i jernskogen; og fødte der; Fenris unger;; av alle disse; skal en komme; i trollham; og tyne sola;; Ref:; Garm gjør kraftig; ved Gnipaheller, lenken slitner, løs farer ulven...

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14. Silent Demise

I hold the world at a distance; But yet... death still surrounds me; Made a servant of my own departure; Viral infestation, terror on the body; Till death do us depart; A war inside me, and I keep los...

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15. Stigmata Damnation

Tied to machines; That will forever tear you down; In the dark you're stumbling blindly; Bound to believe in a lie; Moulded into perfection; While feeding your lust for depravity; Nails of fate pierce...

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16. The Crystal Palace

Journey's... world beyond; Black-holes and lightyears; Floating through realms of energy; Aestethic beauty meets my eye; As I behold; The Crystal Palace; Through infernal eclyptic flames; I urge...

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