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1. Betrayed By Faith

Alone In This World from Day One; Created by God - His Only Son; Placed on This Earth to Spread His Disease; Brought Down by Hate - Down to His Knees; (Betrayed by Faith, by his Lord; Forever Enslaved...

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2. Burn In Darkness

Take Me Away From This Life Of Misery; Grant Me Salvation In The Kingdom Of Thine; Allow Me The Wisdom Of Thy Years; Belief Is Strong-This Is The Time; (No More - Will I Suffer; No More - Will I Yearn...

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3. Darkheart

My Soul Was Hidden From The Light; Hidden Far From Others' Sight; Your Beauty Pierced The Surrounding Dark; Upon My Soul It Left Its Mark; Then I Heard Your Angelic Voice; It Was Then I Made My Choice...

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4. Passing Life

My Life Is Changing Before Me &.. Things I Felt I No Longer Feel; All My Beliefs Have Turned To Nothingness; All That Remains Is This Bleak Emptiness; No - What Has Happened To Me; Everything That I W...

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5. Severance

Trapped Inside This Unknown Void Of Life I Now Find Myself; Drawn Across This Infinite Depth Of Pain My Life Can Never Be Saved; Suffer Through The Light Embrace The Darkness Feel The Burning Pain; Se...

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