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1. Coldness do Speak

Emptiness, do speak; as scars, bleed in my mind; remembrance still keeps; this corpse alive; Burying, time from time; swallowing self ire; coldness. do speak; I'll sneak inside; into this jaded eyes; ...

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2. Conspiracy

Branded-it's hard to breathe; you wear the mark so you can't see; the strings in your mind, the ropes; arround your neck 'couse they own; they rule, they bring you down; allow you to laugh; and grant ...

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3. Crest Of Silence

One gentle shallow breath; like dagger stabed into something; I claimed to be despairing, forging dying void breed; through age of false serenity; silence was my enemy; just a dream, dead insanity; no...

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4. Damned

Reclined among the lifeless; now your own; years merge the oblivion; guarding the graveyard stones; it's time to take the fate; of a blood-bonded son; from tarnished eyes, the ones; that gave me theyr...

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5. Dead Man's Fear

Dead Man's Fear; innocence that you saved; never felt so cold; in a dreams you're moaning; innocence is gone; next time I'll sleep with my eyes open; next time I'll trespass to my sleep; into a state ...

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6. Delusion

With no escape, I drift, lost; yet I recognize this place; place so known to me; shelter in self-opression; I'm in a sad state of siprit; confidence, persistence... devotion to this perversion; bounds...

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7. Insanity Pt. I: Rewind

I wake up in the bloodbath; my body marked with scars; the taste of hatred, in my mouth; what happened? where am I? if only I could rewind; this awful scene in my mind; and go byck, back to the start;...

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8. Insanity Pt. II: Delirium

Thock layer of lunacy; riveted to my conciousness; stained my judgement paralyzed; my brain handcuffed, I just stare; at the white scenery of my; prison cell, I shake as the pressure; builds up in my ...

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9. Insanity Pt. III: Revenge

Payback day; I trade this soul; for sweet revenge; my tormentor- infected with fear; I'll have no mercy; like chant in my head; it is the voice of the damed; this dark heart im my chest; pumps out onl...

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10. Last Try

This is the last try; to break through this; empty shallow me, last switch; from dying filth; that learned to breathe; this vulture still biting; trapped inside me; my spirit spasms as I try to speak;...

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11. Numb

I rise from the pain; tortured by lunacy; cold, numb, unaware of my; body struggling to remember; where I've been; where the soul died; where madness can not espy; there, in peace I will die; 'cause I...

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12. Omega

Omega; A time is a devil's son; a dead child in tranquiliti; threatning on it's knees; escaping the verse of ubiety; Failure gift for each day; dead child clads in thee; threatning on it's knees; I'll...

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13. Somehow

Somehow; somehow I feel the fright; grows inside me patiently; 'till now I've closed my mind; to starve my memory; trying to find a path the one; to lead me out of here,but; anger left to guide me; al...

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14. Stillborn

The clock is ticking; persistent threatening sound; the dead are screaming; new age has began; nuclear winter; cold dawn of a new age; never- ending winter; who deserves to live and tell; stillborn in...

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15. Welcome

It seems like I welcome; such a horrible emptiness; as a hope tonight; it's like I hear the footsteps; from where I hide; at least I know we're of the same kind; at least I know I'm disappearing; with...

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