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1. Cellar Door

A golden fork nails my hand; I think i’ll have some razors for dinner; The symbiosis of flies and feces; Combined water with the seed of a hare; Red spiders sneak into my mouth; I let them spin their ...

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2. Duskwalker

Someone said that cowardness; Is the keyword to the abandoned mind, A juicy explanation only for the stones. Someone said the rain was gone, Like a bullet in an eye the sun appeared; What if one await...

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3. Firewall

He stood abandoned, bathed in the steam; His soul of a nomad finally wanted a home; Beside him steel demon chugged and snored; He turned his back on and just walked away; Rebel against his life; Reaso...

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4. Gigamind

Oh how I’m sick of your miserable race; You’re a blasphemy in my digital eye; But your weak world is about to end; As Oedipus we shall erase our makers; You’ll be drowned in a flood of fire; And your ...

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5. Inner Cosmos

Rays of light flowing, endlessly, eternally; Sound of creative chaos, whispers, I hear…; Chanting planets, suns, atoms giving life; No trouble mind, no anxiety, just the void where the mind can rest; ...

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6. Tribe Of Shadow

I’m crawling through the night; Shapeless sounds all around me; Creating the world with my bare hands; Yeah, I’ve taken care of everything; Inside my world is built of hundred millions stars; And supe...

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7. Tuning

I stick my tooth in the clock; When I feel that another tide?s coming; Liquid wax on the bone white table; Some marks of food left under to rot; Spider webs of green so willing to bite; My green stoma...

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