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1. Funerals Of Birth

A white spot on the wall's calling me to enter... ; Another home.. Another dream; Another meaning..of reality; Another place.. Another name.. The end of all the torturous pain .. ; Behind my breaths.....

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2. Into The Shroud

I am bleeding, I am cutting myself; I am tainting the walls; I am screaming while no one hears; I am flowing what rest of me; I am dreaming of the final leave; I am seeking the peace in me; I am biddi...

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3. My Wrecked Branch

The roots are spreading; Through rusty flesh; The worms are shaking; Through eaten brains; Lacerated faces..and dry blood; Jaded remains...asking forgiveness; Coldness handled the holes of scattered t...

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4. The Old Railway

Old forgotten; You were here...beyond the light; Hanged trust..ripped promises; Innocence died within the night; You were here .. With a thorn and roses; Failure won... And then you left; A...

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