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1. Double Conscience

What a mess in my head; Every time my despair; Holds my soul far away; I can't control myself; Here I am to control your mind; power of evil leads my spirit's fight; YOUR'LL BE MINE; FOREVER; YOU CAN'...

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2. Endless Life

Immortal in heaven, I'm an angel in the sky; Master of all divine lights; Almighty gods on my side, I need help; Help me to find a reason to go on; Lead my soul to salvation I wait for; Cause all my d...

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3. Imminent Explosion

Beyond our hearts, in the deepest depths of our souls fear takes possession, How can the elements go wild in such a peaceful, such a peaceful and happy place? My planet, my secret garden, who would ho...

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4. Liberation

In the hope's world reign a desire of liberation ho..ho..ho..ho……; The distress is near, I can feel it; Protect your heart because the fight is in your head…..GO……; Darkness is over the world, we’ll g...

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5. Morphed Into A Beast

wakened by this call, this voice inside my head; a furtive light describes an atmosphere; through my sphere of darkness, I can't see my forest; this white curtain is gettin' closer and closer; can't y...

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6. Tales From The Middle Age

Ah.......... ; We came from the depth of ages; We're bearing a shame like a plague; We are followed by a malediction; We can't hope for salvation; All we did has failed; Moreover our music wasn't thei...

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7. The Time That Goes By

Time that goes by; still attached in the deepest past of me; life, is unfair, is so betrayed. my thoughts intertwine before the passage of time; Chorus; you, girl of the sky and the sea. You, so beaut...

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8. The Wise Way

With a dark soul and bitter heart; He wonders to the sea, to a new horizon, eyes full of tears; He gradually falls into darkness ,with emptiness; A wounded heart, alone in the world. He often thinks a...

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9. Tribute To Athena

I don’t no how I will explain my mind; life could become so clear ,little by little conviction disappear; my heart is so upset sometimes I can't, imagine the future, there is something wrong with you;...

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