Forget My Silence

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1. New Life

Sky; Sky from above; It is all I see; Right now; I can believe this; I took my decision; Did what I had to do; Chosen; Now I have my path; After falling in to the void; Finally; You are here; Here you...

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2. Not In My Hands

I want to see your blue eyes; Tired of waiting that moment when; I hear your voice every days; I hope to see you soon; Waking up in the morning; Imagining you are near; Holding on to the pillow; Oh I ...

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3. Reaframing

Bring me your life; Fuck; It's crying; Little child inside of me; If your dying; I'll eat your soul; These voices in my head; Bring me your life now; I wanna fuck you; This fucking voice leaves me no ...

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4. This Is Only The Beginning

Whore; You're turning blind; You!! Let me pee on you I'll tell you why; You have creepy little eyes; Why? Secret one eye; If you like to bowl; I can hide myself for no reason; This is only for the bee...

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5. We Will

Want to change your life; Take it on; Night is not enough; To rethink of everything; One night is not enough; To change god has given us one life; And not simple for no reason; Only fools think that e...

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