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1. A Legacy's Demise

I know evil’s name. I’ve seen it’s face. It doesn’t look like you. ; Trapped in your own mind. Hiding from them. Hiding from harm. ; One by one by one the choice was made. Motherhood decides a woman’s...

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2. Accismus

I knew you when confusion defined you. When you let disillusion defeat you. And even though you left me sitting on the front porch; I kept all your letters. ; Catholic school brought the worst out in ...

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3. Bruce Wayne

Age looks good on you; It paints your face famous. Your eyes are the trophies that serve as proof; That the years have been gracious. ; Only at night is when we meet dressed in; Black covered by a mys...

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4. German Girls

So Germany was good. You left on a lark. So Germany was good. You brought back a glow. ; Long brown hair. A slap in the face. Spoke in her ear; No language. ; That wasn’t the reaction; That I expected...

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5. Instruments Of Action

Hey all you kids with lightning on your backs. Know what it’s like to go down with a fight. Cause we were built instruments of action. Stand on a stage just to stake your claim. Silence the crowd watc...

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6. Like Tiny Swords

Bet she tastes rich like 5-dollar words. They fall around her mouth like tiny swords. ; If murder is the game by no means; Leave a trace of the bullets that you save. Cause your words leave a stain; S...

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7. Lonely Does It

You have a name that can’t be sung; Lonely does it; Your mouth wilts at confession; Lonely does it; So down your throat another bottle; Lonely does it; A filthy word in your stomach; Lonely does it; T...

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8. Ms. Rhythm and Blues

You’re wasted. You can’t fake it. There’s too much weight on your shoulder blades. And it takes all you’ve got; To put up a good fight. ; Watching for the clock to strike a quarter past when. So get o...

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9. My Maraschino

Is this the last time I’ll see you; Trace my curves or kiss hello again? Tall tales in lovers speak; I saved the wrong man; Is this the last I’ll see you; Trace my curves or kiss hello again? Tall tal...

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10. Nicholas

Nicholas Avila; I was able and willing; But to love you is danger; Your tongue drunk with venom; Though your color still moves me; And I’d break just to wear you; And I’d kill just to wear you; To lov...

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11. Patience, Beth

When tragedy strikes; No words console; Patience, Beth; You’ll learn to cope; Don’t shut it up, just let it out; Grief is what if not loud; But when you saw; Oh, that Light; A deal with Gabriel did yo...

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12. Quiero, Quieres

“I won’t be nobody’s number 2!”; That’s what I wrote in his letter, too. How could a man just leave with no regret? And women start looking to replacing it? Are you feeling up for it, man? I think the...

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13. Salt and Syncope

By my bedside you broke the back; And laid out I realized that; Great a love does not a remedy lack; A pale excuse to pawn the pact; I cried afraid I’d forget them; Too many haunting days; Of what I’v...

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14. Scales

Fast food will hurt me. Take vitamins to heal me. Flush it out with water and wash me clean. ; Down the drain it goes my energy and my voice; Moving through the pipes to find a new home. ; I am convin...

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15. Tabula Rasa

A city worth creating for; Each little winner’s loss; All the people said:; You’d be better off to go; And do what you want; Than say you did what you could; So now you gotta go; Get out there on the ...

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16. The Catch

Meet my new friends:; One, a boxer; Two, are senators; Three, lion tamers; All pretty faces; Together we’ll save the world; From desperation and dismay; Our house is under; Water at the fault; Of the ...

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17. Venison

Now that we’ve invaded your habitat; Will you need a place to stay the night? Rest your head on the asphalt and your feet on the dash; Our headlights, your alarm, just barely graze your flesh; They sa...

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