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1. 6.6.44

The last moments of peace; Of calm: of clear vision; The fear is with us all; And death is coming closer; The barrier removes itself; And there we stand exposed to view; And then it all becomes too re...

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2. Bring On The Apocalypse

How will the world end? In the final war? The cards are on the table; Each player hiding more; Who's going to move first? Who wants it bad enough? When the risk is greatest; Who's going to call the bl...

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3. Days Of Destruction

Some had no choice but to fight; Our lives were over; The moment we saw our number on the screen; While others signed their lives away; For their fathers and their country; And fear of how they would ...

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4. Defenseless

We've heard the tales; Of the days that last forever; But the setting sun; Tells a story of its own; We like to think; That our heroes live forever; But we find they're made of; Flesh and blood and bo...

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5. Departure

Here it comes; It's coming right on time; There's very little room left; So get in line; It'll be a short trip; But none will leave unchanged; It'll show you places; You thought were out of range; [ch...

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6. Mastermind

You take me in I'll take you down; With the smile of a clown; Arrange the pieces all in line; I'm closing in on what is mine; [chorus]; I PUT THE PLANS INTO MOTION; I AM THE WORST OF MY KIND; I'M STAY...

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7. One Swift Motion

You checked the right side; Forgot about the left; You checked behind you; Forgot about in front; You didn't see it coming; You were already dead; There was no way; You could have prepared; Spinning i...

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8. Parade Of The Forgotten

The old man stared at me; A worn look in his eyes; He'd seen and done it all before; He said "There's nothing new; In what you're going through; Another day another war; The world is meant to change; ...

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9. Secret Mines

Venture down to the Secret Mines; Where the forgotten children toil; Just under the surface of freedom; Underneath the frozen soil; Become one of us; Become one of us; Become one of us; Become one of ...

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10. Stickman

The Stickman breaks the ice; Brings all cold feelings forward; A shifting sacrifice; A little more to carry homeward; The little crimes slip by; Liquid loyalties re-incise; And reaching for the feed; ...

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11. The Fold

The Fold it keeps us in line; A method passed down through time; We learn the way from the start; And every drone does their part; [chorus]; IT'S TIME; IT'S TIME; JUST ONE MORE CHANCE TO TAKE IT BACK;...

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12. The Torch

Before we start this; We've got a moment; Let's go over this; One more time; You take the left side; I've got the right; Keep your head low; And sights in line; [chorus]; THE TIME HAS COME FOR A FIRST...

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