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1. A Simple Message

i'm sick and tired of everything; being your way or the highway; and i'm taking the backroads; taking the long way home; i'm taking my own way home; and i'm sick and tired of yelling; whys it have to ...

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2. Cherry

so the sun burns red; like the cherry of; the cigarette you hold; and as the skylight dims; we look at each other; man were getting old; where's my name dressed in lights; where's the future i had pla...

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3. Just Tell Me

I’m taking back all the promises; that I made myself before; You proved yourself worthy; of every tear and broken smile I’ve had; My mother always told me; don’t bite the hand that feeds you; But all ...

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4. Repeater

I've done things I shouldn't have done; Said things I shouldn't have said; Read things I shouldn't have read; But I'm old; Even though I may look just 19; There are things I've seen; that make me feel...

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5. Too Sad For Hollywood

let me be is what you said to me as i sat down; there are things that you couldn't ever dream to understand; so just lock up as you leave; a movie scene from the cheapest screens in town; fed up cut i...

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6. Where It Knows

Rise above; I think we all have had enough; So shy away from all the things that they might say; They might say; So she goes through life; looking for friends she wish she had; But the world might as ...

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