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1. Blind Fate

The fate is a blind lord; born of night and of chaos; has a vast power; the world is your empire; the overlord; of the universe; the oracles can foresee; the death of your slaves; but can't alter her;...

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2. Mediocre Golden

Rise the sun; and don't shine more than a day; in the esplendor of the batle; I see my allies succumb; will have some hope or salvation; the greed dominated the man; turn him hostage this eternal pris...

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3. Mirage

Running in the storm; The shadows call my name; The rain washes my sins and lies, words and wishes; Captive the time, living my past; What will be the my destiny? Rise the light of day; Firing my pain...

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4. Riders

Spirits in flame, the time arrived! of celebrate the life; guide in the morning or at night; greetings my friends! we are the; riders! flying down in life; without fear; driving; no matter the distanc...

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5. Voices In My Mind

In a cool day, the death arrived; without say nothing for nobody; the oracles didn't saw the arrival her; and what I saw were demises; bodies and dreams spread by the floor; the happines arrive to the...

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