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1. Carry On The Flame

Life is waiting; always there for you to come; in the universe; of your unconscious mind; all the things we learned when we were young; turned up to be lies; so we must find ourselves; beyond this viv...

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2. City Of Vultures

In pain I travel all alone; between the mountains of blood and bone; city of vultures calling me; and brings me closer to its walls; misty road in front of me; reeks of ashes and decay; my cape is bla...

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3. Death Comes Alive

I see the world in ruins; I see it die in flames; every day this image reappears; the savior is too late; we never see him coming; bound to relive the same tragedy; it is meant for us to bleed; meant ...

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4. Flames Of Reason

Since I can remember I've fallen through the dark; the endless struggle within my troubled mind; always thought the darkness was the key; to meaning, the will to be; you burned my heart with your luci...

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5. Forever The Same

Time, never will I find it; doesn't mind, there's no tomorrow; only stains in the dark; and all you see are; lies spread across the land; where people live and die in despair; wasting all we could be;...

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6. Gunslinger

A man in black fled across; he followed him through the desert; all around was devil's grass and chaos; he had his guns around the hips; weapons of faith, his curse divine; they didn't make any move o...

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7. Made Of Lies

How can you see it; when your eyes are shut; how can you know it; when your mind is closed; how can you fly; when your wings are made of dust; how can you die; when your life is over before it starts;...

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8. Mother

All the time they see the signs; every day and don't wonder why; can they really hear the screams; from the top of your tired lungs; every day I watch you die; every night I hear you cry; every time t...

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9. Nocturnal Wings

Hey do you ever think of what could be; wake up take a breath and follow me; lock the door as you leave the sanctuary; close your mind to the taste of betrayal; and here we stand warning for the night...

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10. Paradox

The night falls around my heart; the dark engraves another scar; every time wondering; why is this happening; the gates open a path in lies; to land of dust and polluted skies; the dread imprisons my ...

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11. Tragedy

Restless storm shadows the sun; helplessly the light dies down; a silent scream spreads on through the night; one more time struggling in a fight; of being me, of who I am; you want to know, just take...

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12. Who I Am

Days and nights fall into oblivion; breathe of time is taking it's tool; we're just fragments of the maze; staring into the never ending veil; states of mind that I cant define; feeling lost day after...

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