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1. Aurora Tides

The tide draws near; It closes in on the shore; To freeze your bones; And chill your core; Ankles submerged; Will you be heard? The sea forgets but doesn't forgive; Soon swept away; From all you thoug...

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2. Dawn

We waste away; We'll find another way; To make these feelings stay; But it's so hard for me; To show you what to say; And tell you how to breathe; It's like a curse to see; What we'll turn out to be; ...

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3. Halls Of Insomnia

How can you sleep; At night? I took you in; I gave you refuge; This heart once vibrant; And alive; Is dead and hardened; Beyond repair; It beats for me; And me alone; We were routine, you say; I alway...

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4. Havens and Harbours

I've known an empty embrace with no escape. I still believe we are not broken; Just fractured at the foundation, But easily mended. Fall into arms wide open; I have an eye out for things to come. Ther...

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5. Infatuation

Consumed in your needs; I am not here to feed your desires; Love is not what you've made it; A chance I took; I now regret; I'm ashamed of what we've created; I pursue a love that won't fade; Not this...

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6. The Distance

Built it from the ground up, this is our legacy; Now it's going to shine for everyone to see; We've been hurt far too long to care about the rest; Believe in me when I say that this is for the best; M...

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7. Threnody

You buried this on your own; Six feet behind you mind; Forward being foremost; I buried this with regret; Six feet within my chest; Beyond this faint excuse for a beat; If only your grave was; As shal...

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8. Within Obstructions

My words are warriors; In this neverending war; I will see to the day; That you heed my warning; Gave you the answer to all of your questions; So what if (what if); Your jury's offended; Where's your ...

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