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1. Avaritia

Suffer those slips; those lips; from which i beg for mercy; to last breath; to silence its all; what you've had coming; Offering all but giving; nothing to those who worship; the bounds of silence lai...

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2. Box Lunch At The Y

Mix the firelight; And compliment with; with fluctuating; endless ebbing; of the tide within my chest; on the scene; you hear my words; but cant know what they mean; so listen closely dear; Im here to...

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3. Dont Touch The Sides

Reading thoughts of solemn speech; and shaking hands that plague my dreams; and starting silence i awake to what; i have come to call my world; shades of blackness; threat to break what others never d...

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4. From Sleep And Shadows

Fragile thing a memory is; Bend and shape; the shards that break; steal yourself within the confines; lifted oh so briefly; tired in truth; and sound in madness; will you come to me in dreams unasked;...

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5. Ladder To The Steeple

Tonight please keep me somewhere safe; no one will look; She wants me for the things that i have done to her; I must make it; Away from reaching hands; Sanctuary; Save me from my own madness; Meet me ...

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6. She Watched The Sunrise

Free your soul; from the burdens i have placed on you; See once more; the beauty of the falling moon; hold still; keep pace; with the heart that beats beside you; breath in; my strength; until the ang...

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7. Smoke Em If You Got Em

Shut the door on screams that hollow out her heart; I cant stand to see you smile; Ill cure the world of this disease; Ill cure the world with my disease; Pleasant view the night sky ablaze; Of what h...

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8. The Third Grasps The Charm

Murder stains these walls, telling tales of battles lost; repentance is all she wants she cries oh god please save my soul; this home is not a home but a battle field, bodies scattered on the floor; l...

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9. This Antidote Fails

Scab, flake and scar; Tempting fate and you forget that; You would bleed to death; If I let you; Remove your tourniquet; Drown in your disease; On the bedspread; In the darkness; I cry out (you cry ou...

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10. Twelve Shots At Midnight

The seconds drop like flies; from the hottest flames; stripped from your darkened cell; from where they stained your name; the cold of concrete binds; and from the darkness lead; but still they see th...

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11. Vaniatis Pt. 2

Reflect and reject what you see; For those beyond the grasp of reason have; nothing left to fear; You'll take your hate your scorn your ill intent; Was not by some but slight event; to everything that...

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