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1. Forest Sound

Something that makes you drop high school; Makes you feel fine and that's the goal; Beat those drums and shake your skull; Liberate energy, feel flow; Forest. sound; Saves your soul; Sell your soul; R...

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2. Heartfelt

We've been through many things; Oh woman don't you cry; But I felt I should give up; Oh father don't you cry; I am this way please; Don't you try to change my mind; It's been too long; This is enough ...

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3. Homesick

I want you to know; All that I've been through; But I missed you all it's true; It's been good 'round here; But it's better with you, that's for sure; Please come meet me; I'm on my way and soon I'll ...

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4. Leaving Fear

"all lovers young, all lovers must; Consign to thee, and come to dust. "; Should I tell you? and would you trust? The heart beats fast and will rest soon; I could not tell the night from noon; A comfo...

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5. Marriage

I have a woman; I'm a man; Marriage is the story; That I try to understand; Singles live together; Couples fight like fools; Just hope that this story; Doesn't work for me and you; A head in the futur...

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6. Rising Shadow

I, I am what you see, a shadow that rises from beneath; I, I am a beast, and with your soul I'll feast; You're but a ghost of me; Get away, get away from me now; Your demise is here; Get it off get it...

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7. Sunbright

Hey, I feel a little alive now; there is no stone in my way today; Bring me a little bit closer to the sun so I'll contemplate; It's Sunday morning, I'm so easy; feel the heat on my face; Its such a g...

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