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1. Black Swans

Take me in the temple of the evening sun; Coming from there where's no life's remained; Only the glow reflecting in the eyes of phrentics; By the name of LEGION; In the imperishable area of heaths, wo...

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2. Last Season Purity

(the old one) The moan... Who has remembered? Who is still able to remember about how they did dream and yearn; Laugh and dance and then about how they were dying; To flow towards the stellar worlds b...

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3. Legend

All my doubts will vanish this night; With the arrival of the master of the Darkness and the Light; With the mournful wolves howl beneath the shadowy walls; Of the ancient citadel in time of the tolls...

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4. Mel Kor

Far away beyond the blackest ocean of blood on the boundless scope of lost; mainland of; Nameless Horror under pale nebulas united in mysterious runes I've found the; thing I've been; inspired. Night ...

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5. Snowfall

Come and take me away Procession waits for ceremony; White hearse among the trees And endless line of black hoods; Nothing will break the solemnity First Gates are closed; Another opens for me to fall...

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6. Steps Of Mankind

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7. Whole

I know the word you've forgotten; And walks the roads you're frighten of; All my dreams were nonsense for you; I was broken by your emptiness; But now I dance with falling leaves whole again; And my l...

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8. Winter Solstice

A melody. So charming beautiful and short; Picks wind to bind and sound so lonely; In the lowering sky among the clouds; The sky ships never knowing rest; My shadow, echo to remain... maybe... In time...

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