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1. A November Dream

Obscured by night; A forest of Shadows; The silence of birds bringing peace; The whispering night it calls my name; And so I follow the path of unknown; In solitude I wonder about; Flakes of snow fall...

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2. Departure

daylight left with a grand adieus; and i felt its twilight kiss; dancing into my empty stare; clad in a spectrum of dying colors; peering through oblivion; where memories lay waste and wilde; like fra...

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3. Deprived

Once there was a smile; Filled with radiant bliss; Breathing summers pride; In the midst of a beautiful life; Oh, how it danced upon her face; Painting nothing but perfection; Her eyes stared into tom...

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4. Detached

I felt the world turn away; Without saying why; To leave me trembling among; The thorns of the waste; To be swallowed by myself; and the darkness that is me; All I asked for was a dream to live; Or a ...

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5. Eternal Autumn

So sudden it seemed this tragic vision painted before my eyes; Amidst falling leaves I had found my beloved bloodstained and pale; Falling into the forever so silent; Aware of my presence she turned t...

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6. Moments In Solitude

Embraced by darkness my abandoned soul; Screams within my mind I see; But darkness drowning in my misery; Take me away to lands beyond this bleeding earth; Thoose moments in solitude where my mind fli...

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7. November Dream

Amidst a forest of shadows; Swept in thorns and songs of farewell; I felt an echo of a glorious time; Gently whispering my name; As if knowing of my demise; As if guiding me away; From the torments of...

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8. of Sorrow Blue

Of sorrow blue and clad in mist; Dancing midst the meadows of my dreams; My precious one my fallen beauty; Fallen beneath a dismal cloud; I recall that dreary morning; I ran to the shores of her eyes;...

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9. Open Wound

i saw the flowers die; grand beauty turn to dust; under wings of cold white death; winter came into my sleep; i had left myself once again; covered with grey despair; my fallen memories lay bleak and ...

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10. Pernicious

And so, another day unfolds; Another day dressed in black; Ready to pull me further down; Down the spiral of my decay; I'm lost in a growing hell; A darkness I can't bear; My hours are gone; My days a...

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11. Selfdestructive

Listen, to the sound of falling; The decline of a beautiful yesterday; Spiraling down a pitch black forever; Into the essence of your desperate idea; A creation of a weary and exhausted mind; Feeding ...

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12. Sleeping Death

Bleak silver streams; The light of many a star; Born from thrones in dark heaven; And swept in the suns demise; Bleak silver streams; The radiance of eternity; Paint the meadows in dismal shades; As s...

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13. Submission

There, in the radiance of deceit; A broken body and a shattered mind; Screaming without making a sound; So weak and weary from its defeat; Forever detached from a world of dreams; Left staring into bo...

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14. The Silent Cry

Trapped inside walls of grief; My dismal excistance; I am longing for you, oh queen of my desire; Alone I cry so silent; Can you hear me; Oh deliver me from my sorrow; I feel so cold as I am drowning;...

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15. Under The Dying Sun

In the fields of green; Her silhouette towards the sky; Under the dying sun; I see her die; In the fields of green; An arrow of death; A dying beauty breathing; Her last breath; In the fields of green...

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16. Wish

Awakened this dying season such a beauty to behold; Oh autumn hath arrived a tragedy painted dead; Fallen am I without thee I am lost; In a region of doleful shades I am withering away; I dwell in the...

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