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1. Garden Of Seasons

If only all those empty people; Wandering in circles; Were just looking for a reason to stay in bed; Instead of making me think why I'm here; Modern buildings far in the distance; Dazed the people who...

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2. Hangover Eyes

Doors are closed by the rain; I'm entering the bar; While you're sat there; With your unhappy look; That guy with his hook on you; Bugging with his chuckle approach; Didn't think of you, or any place;...

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3. Lipstick Noises

She looks at me bad tempered; And smeared makeup; As always she gets what she wants; And once again she'll get what she wants; I wonder so badly what she really wants; Her colors of inconsistency; Amb...

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4. Morpheus Whisper

In the confines of my mind; Between the mist of the undefined, I fell it; From the outside of the door; I hear what's necessary; Indiscreet and so contrary; She doesn't let me get inertia; With her wo...

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5. Out of Service

The ceiling rolls over your head; And over your stomach; A little dizzy state comes; And in a moment; Your face hits the ground, no one's around; And you're up; Surprised, as if you play the note; Tha...

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6. Pay Attention

Hit the street, you're out! Suddenly you think everything's; Spinning around yourself; Well, there's a misunderstanding; A huge misconception; Cause they forgot to tell you; Nobody cares how long you ...

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7. Sneak Attack

Boredom slowly permeates the air; An answer travels through the mind; Dois-je trouver ce dont j'ai besoin; Ou dois-je être trouvé? The coincidence turns the corner; And the company I conquered; Become...

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8. That's the Reason Why You Should Leave

A list, with files and bills; With numbers and people; Waiting to be filled with things; that can't be bought; You feel sorry for anyone; who's scared to walk in those hallways; Thinking they know whe...

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9. Transylvania Suicide Machine

It feels at may five, eighteen ninety seven; Overcast sky paint your wine heaven; Is "golden mediasch", whispering blurred reflections; Of what you want to believe, but you can't feel; There is no lif...

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10. Valentine Typewriter 84'

I stare the blank sheet; As I see the future of; it's unfinished audience; Both anxious for words and more; The ink is too low, it's not adequate; The model is so specific; The puzzle changes in many ...

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11. Waltz #3

While I open my eyes; The view from the window clears the act; I don't know, I don't know I'm doing; I don't know what this is doing here; Say yes, and think no; 'cause it comes with territory; Going ...

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